Not sure if flying is for you? Take a Discovery Flight with us! A Discovery flight will last up to 45 minutes with one of our certified instructors and it will help familiarize you with the airport and flying environment. If you are comfortable the instructor will let you fly. Starting at $99. Call us today.

We Are Ready To Fly

When considering getting into aviation there are many options available. We work closely with the FAA to ensure that our courses and instruction are tailored to your needs.


Regardless of your end-goal, before you fly solo for the first time you will need an aviation medical certificate (excluding Light Sport licenses).

    • For a Light Sport License, you do not need a medical.
    • For a Private Pilot License, you will need at least a third-class medical.
    • For a Commercial Pilot License, you will need at least a second-class medical.
    • For an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) you must have a first class medical.

It is a good idea to get this process underway early in your training.


There is no minimum age to start learning how to fly, however, one needs to be 15 years old to take the Private Pilot Knowledge Exam; 16 years old to solo; and 17 years old to hold a Private Pilot Licence.

Likewise, there is no maximum age to start learning how to fly. We have pilots who have trained with us that were over the age of 70!

Private Pilot License

  • A Private Pilot License is ideal for individuals who are looking to be able to fly with more than 2 individuals in heavier aircraft with the ability to fly at night.

Instrument Rating

  • Expand your Private Pilot with an instrument rating in as little as 40 hours. This will allow you to fly in IMC conditions without visibility.

Commercial Pilot – Part 61

  • Once you have achieved 250 hours you can pursue your Commercial Rating. You will need this if you intend to pursue aviation as a career.

Complex and/or Multi-Engine Rating

  • Get your complex and/or multi-engine rating with our qualified instructors.